Frequently asked questions

Where do you source your Fresh Produce?
We source all our fresh produce from the local markets & the farmers in the area
We only buy for the orders that we have, we don’t hold stock. There is no cold storage and the only shelf life is in your home.

Can I substitute Items?
Yes you can!  Make a note in the Special Instructions section to state which items you don’t want, and if they are in the box that week, we will substitute them for something else.  Feel free to make requests.

Is it Organic?
We do have organic vegetables but the fruit isnt always organic produce. We try to offer you something that is grown locally and is seasonal.

How is it Fresher?
We buy for our orders, pack and deliver.  There is no cold storage and the only shelf life is in your home.

What is the Delivery Price?
The delivery price is included in the quoted price; R490 for a small crate, R590 for a medium crate and R799 for a Large crate.

When will my order arrive?
We deliver to specific areas on specific days. Orders need to be placed before Monday close of business.

Can I put my order on pause pause, if I am away?
If you are away, you can pause your order.  You can request to pause your delivery and choose another date for your delivery using the Special Instruction section.

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